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Jacket Workware / Slim Fit

Jacket Workware / Slim Fit

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Inspired by the American style of the 1950s, we've added a dash of distinctive flair to the traditional Harrington jacket. Waxed cotton ensures an authentic look and a comfortable feel.

Skip the fuss and opt for minimalist style. A woven logo in a tone-on-tone appearance, along with patches on the zipper and the inside pocket, subtly hint at the jacket's origin.

The jacket is initially a bit stiff, but this will soften with repeated wear.

Perfect Size: The sleeve length is perfect when it doesn’t crease and ends at the waistband. Wear the jacket casually with a simple T-shirt.

The jackets tend to run a bit small, so we recommend choosing one size larger.

Casual and stylish transitional jacket

  • Classic fold-down collar
  • Closure: high-closing zipper
  • Side slip pockets
  • Zip-up chest pocket
  • Buttonable sleeve ends
  • Durable material for long-lasting comfort"
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